Verizon has abandoned its venture into the IPTV market.

The apparent reasons include the fact that voice activation technology, such as Amazon's "Alexis," has already surpassed anything the IPTV would have accomplished.

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

                    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I personally had an outstanding November and finished using my contractual time. I am now back to work and very busy as usual. There are constant changes and bad decisions that we are always trying to counter or influence. Sometimes we get a positive result and sometimes we do not.

We have been receiving calls at the hall regarding job openings and new hiring. If you have any questions regarding jod openings at Verizon, please contact H.R. Staffing.

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Advice from distinguished labor arbitrators on the faculty at LAI conferences.

 Facebook and Twitter

 Three prominent labor arbitrators were on a conference faculty.  Here are three points they made about off-duty misconduct when it involves social media.

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