Good Morning Brothers and Sisters,

          As we head into the companies big FIOS promotion and sale to finish out the second quarter and end of June, I wanted to make sure everyone understands their contractual rights. Make no doubt about it, although there is a heavier then normal work load there is not enough work to justify a LTSD. But the company is running TV and mail promotions for a 150 MB data sale. By telling everyone they are assigned up to 12 hours the company has the ability to book work immediately because they know there is enough work force available to support it. Just remember before our strike they would have 27 weeks of potential LTSD's left. Now they are down to 9.

          If the company has you scheduled 12 hours then you are contractually able to work 12 hours. You do not have to leave in 8 or 9 hours. Although many members decide to leave as soon as they finish their load this is not contractually correct. The company should be sending you to help someone else or calling futures. The schedule says 12 hours and you are entitled to work 12 hours unless by contract they follow Article 25 section 3.  Notifying you of a change by 5:00p.m. of the second calendar day  preceding the day on which the change is to be made. If the company sends you home and you were planning on working then you should file a grievance. The company is telling you that you are required to work 12 hour days and they are expecting you to work your life plans around " the customers demands" then you shouldn't let them off the hook!

          With a LTSD the company still has to accept reasonable excuses to be excused from work and they CAN NOT schedule or assign you to work consecutive 6 day weeks. Next week the company is going to try and tell those who worked an ADO this week that they have to work a 6th day next week because "the holiday does not count". They will then come after you the following week saying last week did not count. It is no secret with the company and with our members that the Officers of Local 2100  completely disagree with the company on this. We completely stand with any member that refuses to be bullied on this matter. No reasonable excuses no receipts for hotel etc.......... They can't force schedule you 6th days in consecutive weeks unless an emergency. The National is currently looking at this language and working on how to proceed to arbitration with this. With 9 Holiday's in 8 different weeks the abuse of this language gives them the ability to force you three consecutive weeks of 6th day weeks 8 times for a total force of 24 weeks. Not what we walked the picket line in 2000, and 2003 for. The director of Labor relations says the article means " physically worked". Even though the contract says I get straight time for regular 40 hour work weeks we would like to add" triple time" just because we feel like it. I doubt that will fly and neither should "PHYSICALLY WORKED"!!

          Communicate with your stewards and be safe.