Email Blast 1/5/2018 NEW YEAR

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

                   I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a great start to the new year. There are a few things going on at Verizon that I wanted to touch base with everyone about. The company currently is forcing 6th days and 8 hours of overtime per week. They are looking for volunteers to help with a heavy trouble load do to the cold temperatures. So if you are able to help then you should volunteer through the overtime tool on your tablet or notify your supervisor. Those of you that are working in this cold weather should make sure that you work safe and do not over expose yourself. It is perfectly legal to take breaks and get yourself warm in your customers house or in your truck.

                    The company has also been putting people on a performance plan and restricting them from working overtime without telling them. If this has happened to you then you should file a grievance immediately. The company has also agreed that if you are restricted but they are forcing overtime then you should be allowed to work. They can not deny you today and force you tomorrow, those ownership papers were burned up when we stopped letting them do it and when we went on a 49 day strike. Example: taking all volunteers on Saturday but deny you for Saturday and force you on Sunday because you are on a plan, that is not going to cut it.

                    The local is actively scheduling and processing grievances but there is a back log at second step, we are trying to work with the National Union to clear this and get these second step grievances heard.

Please inform all new members to call the hall and get themselves put on email blast list and text messaging system.

There is a general membership meeting on Wednesday January 17th at VFW Post 467, 519 Poole road Westminster MD 21157 from 6-9p.m. There will be dinner served and there will be a vote on waivers for two Local 2100 members to serve on Local 2101's EBoard and a request for Phil Porter to continue to serve on Local 2100's eboard.

 "They can only do that if you let them!" 
In Unity,